Drain Cleaning from US Plumbing Services!

A Clogged drainage is every home owner’s worst nightmare and its gets worse when this becomes a recurring theme. Drain stoppages will affect the fixture trap, main drain, bends of sub drain pipeline as well as sewer lines. For this reason, our drain cleaning service is your one stop solution.

drain-cleaningWe are licensed operators of the Nu Flow® trenchless drain lining system. Forget about having to dig up trenches in your yard. This alternative has proved to be affordable yet at the same time, offers the same structural strength as the old pipes. Using Nu Flow® systems, our technicians will be able to interchange underground pipes without destroying your yard or disrupting surface materials. Click here for additional information on Nu Flow® Sewer line Repair and Relining.

Our drain cleaning machine is small enough to handle small systems and large enough to clean big sewer lines. In fact, we have a “Drain Snake” which is the a powerful and flexible cable drain machine. Its works by rotating flexible cable through the pipe and the attachments will do all the cleaning, scraping, boring, cutting and retrieving of the blocking material.

We also have a water jetter that has specially been designed to blast away strong blockages. At Houston Plumbing, we are able to clear heavily clogged drains using our powerful jetters thereby allowing water and other liquid to flow freely. If you wish to have a job done once and done professionally, call



Houston plumbing prides in having advanced and sophisticated proper cleaning equipment and tools which are able to solve all your drain cleaning concerns. It does not matter if your system requires simple solutions or advanced care that involves the use of snake and video inspection, Houston Plumbing are able to meet all your concerns.

To restore you have drainage system, Houston Plumbing will do the following;Cabling or snaking your pipes with the use of simple or heavy duty tools Auguring in an effort to find clogs.Use high pressure water jetting if necessary Carry out video inspection of your system for a better view.
At Houston plumbing, we have plumbers who are skilled in using the latest technologies. They are affordable and reliable and on call 24/7 hours a day.

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