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When in need of a large water container to store your hot water, solutions come no cheaper than Tank water heaters. They are quite robust in that they can be adopted to use different kinds of energy sources such as natural gas, propane and even electrical energy and that is why they are quite popular in the USA.
Regular tanks that are presently common in regular households can hold between 25 to 85 gallons of hot water. This is kept at roughly 120°F temperature for regular daily use though using the control dial it can be adjusted up or down. These tanks are best installed in areas where they will experience minimal interference so a basement, garage or attic should suffice

In case you happen to be considering upgrading a standard bathroom to a full master suite or an in-home spa. Well then you may have to factor in the cost of acquiring a larger tank as well as the added deep soaking tub or multihead shower may require more water than initially anticipated. With the aid experienced professionals, this replacement can be handled in a speedy manner at affordable rates.
Incidentally, Studies have indicated that around 75% of water heaters tend to fail after a decade of constant use especially if the unit was installed in the attic. This can be mitigated by having it regularly inspected by the Baker Brothers.

If you are looking to obtain the best water heaters in the country, then consider it wise to opt for Rheem Water Heaters. That’s because of the high manufacturing practices upheld through out the manufacturing process starting from the acquisition of raw material to the final assembly. These products have been approved by the United States government as well as private testing labs. It is for this reason that Houston Plumbing are elated to exclusively to offer Rheem Products exclusively.
It’s recommended that the Water heater be replaced if it has been in use for over 7 years and who better than Houston Plumbing to help you every step of the way.


Thanks to technological advancements, tankless water heaters are the new must have gadgets on the market. These Tankless water heaters guarantee a constant supply of hot water all day and night for all your needs and more whenever you need it. Think of it as constant hot water on demand. Several benefits can be attributed to tankless water heaters namely:Energy Saving: These heaters only heat water when its required.Savings – as much as 70.3% can be saved on water heating.

Consistency – Since it produces hot water only on demand, it’s much easier to control water temperatures it outputs.Safety – You can now rest assured that no major water flood will occur within your premises as a result of a water heater failure.Savings on room space – Tankless heaters are much more compact than traditional water heaters hence can fit almost anywhere you wish.Longer warranty – The improved design and less exposure to corrosive agents means that these tankless water heaters have a life span of around 20 years, hence have a very impressive limited warranty of 12 years on purchase.

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